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  1. The Impact of the Economic Crisis and the US Embargo on Health in Cuba--free trade, unilateral and economic trade sanctions
    For more on US-Cuba trade relations, visit the Engage Cuba Newsstand January 1997 American Journal of Public Health Richard Garfield, DrPH, RN and Sarah Santana The Impact of the Economic Crisis and t

  2. Health Care in Cuba
    Health Care in Cuba Cuba makes a successful effort in widespread and available health care. All Cubans recieve free medical care, regardless of socioeconomic standing. All areas of Cuba have doctors, whether urban or city. The ratio of doctors to

  3. CMAJ - August 1, 1997 / The US attack on Cuba's health
    Editorial Éditorial The US attack on Cuba's health Anthony F. Kirkpatrick, MD, PhD CMAJ 1997;157:281-4 [ résumé ] Dr. Kirkpatrick is from the College of Medicine, University of South Florida, Tampa, Fla. Reprint requests to: Dr. Anthony F. K

  4. Impact of the U.S Embargo on Health and Nutrition in Cuba
    Impact of the U.S Embargo on Health and Nutrition in Cuba.

  5. Travel Health Online
    Health and other information for travellers to Cuba

  6. Yahoo! Regional>Countries>Cuba>Health
    Yahoo, Help - More Yahoos. Home > Regional > Countries > Cuba >. Health.All sites advanced search. ...

  7. Open Directory - Regional: Caribbean: Cuba: Health
    ... the entire directory. ... See also: Regional: Caribbean:Health (6). ...

  8. Open Directory - Regional:Caribbean:Cuba:Health
    ... Open to all sites pertaining to domestic or international initiativesfor physical, mental, behavioral health in Cuba. ...

  9. Yahoo! Regional>Countries>Cuba>Health
    Personalise Help - Check Email Home > Regional > Countries > Cuba > Health All sites Australia only New Zealand only This category only Options Accent now with Free Air only $14,990 Accent Elantra Sonata Coupe Grandeur Trajet Santa Fe Yahoo! en e

  10. Impact of the U.S Embargo on Health and Nutrition in Cuba
    Impact of the U.S Embargo on Health and Nutrition in Cuba.

  11. Travel Health Online
    Health information categorized by type of illness, and by destination. Also a list of travel medicine providers.

  12. Cuba Campaign: Campaign to End the U.S. Embargo of Cuba
    Campaign to End the U.S. Embargo of Cuba Since 1989, through our Campaign to End the U.S. Embargo of Cuba, Global Exchange has played a leading role in creating a broad discussion on the need to normalize relations with Cuba.

  13. Cuba
    Permanent Mission in Geneva [es; Health report]

  14. Health Revolution In Cuba; Diaz-Briquets, Sergio; English; Hardcover
    Health Revolution In Cuba by Diaz-Briquets, Sergio; English; Hardcover

  15. Visitors Guide to Cuba
    Comprehensive guide for travelers. Includes: country almanac, maps, climate graphs, health and safety, things to do, getting there and around, entertainment, web cams, free brochures and more.

  16. Sunmodilex Holidays in Cuba
    UK Tour Operator offering a range of packages to Cuba including golf, health, diving, fishing specialities

  17. U.S.-Cuba Trade and Economic Council, Inc.
    US-Cuba Trade & Economic Council, Inc.

  18. The US Blockade of Cuba's Effect on Health
    The Effect of the US Blockade on the Health of the Cuban People. The U.S. Embargo of Cuba and Health American Journal of Public Health Report: The Impact of the Economic Crisis and the US Embargo on H

  19. Health Information for Travelers to the Caribbean
    Official U.S. government health recommendations for traveling to the Caribbean. Provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

    Pan American Health Organization Improving the Health of the Peoples of the Americas Homepage | Data | Topics | Resources | About PAHO Search File Not Found! The PAHO website has been upgraded effective 15 May 2000. The requested document may be fou

  21. Cuba Solidarity: News On Cuban Healthcare
    Health Care In Cuba News

  22. Reality Tours: Health and Healing in Cuba
    Health and Healing in Cuba Date to be announced Explore Cuba's model health care system from the neighborhood family doctor to the urban hospital. Observe "Health for All" in a developi...

  23. Cuba's Repressive Machinery
    Report documenting Cuba's failures to respect the civil and political rights enumerated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) as well as the international human rights and labor rights treaties it has ratified. Prepared by Human Rights Watch.

  24. Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba
    Offers elective experiences in Cuba for students in the health sciences working towards academic degrees in the United States and Canada.

  25. The US Blockade of Cuba's Effect on Health
    The Effect of the US Blockade on the Health of the Cuban People. The U.S. Embargo of Cuba and Health American Journal of Public Health Report: The Impact of the Economic Crisis and the US Embargo on H

  26. View Late Breaking News Headlines For Business, Finance, Technology, Entertainment, Sports, Health, Science plus search our news archives.
    Late Breaking News Headlines From Around The World Whole Internet Local Web Directory News Headlines How Stuff Works Stock Quotes Health Jobs Music Books Videos Forums Auctions SearchWho Directory

  27. The U.S. Embargo and Health Care in Cuba
    There is a large body of misinformation and outright disinformation about the present state of health care in Cuba, including the false accusation that it is U.S. policy to deny

  28. U.S.-Latin American Medical Aid Foundation
    non-profit organization which provides medical supplies and humanitarian aid to the people of Cuba and Latin America.

  29. indice5
    Updated November 1, 1999 The US blockade of Cuba remains unchanged in 1999 Policy changing legislation killed in committee. The US prohibition of selling food and medicine to Cuba will continue to cause disease and death Another attempt to get the Aschoft Ammendment to pass will be made soon in the Senate

  30. Cuba Solidarity: CUBA WEB LINKS
    Updated October 22, 1999 (The following may take a moment to load .......) Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, US Section, ProgramsEnding U.S.

  31. Yahoo! Regional>Countries>Cuba>Health
    ... All sites Options. Yahoo! en español - Yahoo! guide for the Spanish speakingcommunities around the world. ...

  32. Cuba Solidarity: Health: An Option For Solidarity & ...
    ... Master Plan of Investments in the Health of Cuba Havana- September 1997. Preface. ... PartialList of US Based Organizations Aiding Cuba's Health System. ...

  33. Richard Curtis, Reflections on Cuba's health care system - and ours
    Richard Curtis, Reflections on Cuba's health care system - and ours

  34. Castles Burning : A Child's Life in War
    Books. All Products. Explore this book. buying info. editorial reviews. customer reviews. See more by this author. all books by Magda Denes Customers...

  35. Excite Travel Quick Find Excite Home Site Index Autos Business Careers Computers Education Entertainment Family Games Health Investing Lifestyle Music News People & Chat Real Estate Relationships Shopping Sports Travel Search The Web Excite For

  36. Socratic Institute
    workshops on spiritual philosophy, holistic health treatments and spa services at a resort hotel.

  37. Cuba Campaign: Cuba Fact Sheet -- A Few Important Points
    Cuba Fact Sheet -- A Few Important Points Under such leaders as Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, among others, the Cuban Revolution burst onto the international scene on January 1, 1959, -- overthro...

  38. Cuba Solidarity/Project InfoMed Web Site
    Welcome to the Project Infomed Cuba Solidarity Web Site! Updated January, 2001 AIDS Treatment Access Cuba is gathering supplies now to ship medicines to AIDS patients in Cuba in March, 2001 - see thei

  39. World Travel Guide - Cuba - Health
    ... northern Caribbean Islands. Health care: Cuba's medical services are good and someemergency treatment may be available to visitors at no cost. However, health ...

  40. Cuba Health E-thology
    Cuba Health - E-thologies provide country specific information on a number of topics to assist in Intercultural Learning. Topics Include Canada and&ldots;, Introduction, History, Geography, Culture, Poli...

  41. Close Up Foundation: U.S. Policy Toward Cuba
    This site features an overview, a timeline, a classroom activity, and an annotated list of hyperlinks to more comprehensive sources of information.

  42. Intraware: Evaluate: Compariscope: Sign Up
    Research. Evaluate. Update. Train. Compariscope. Trial Downloads. Demo Center. Partner Presentations. Guided Tour. How to Buy. Try & Buy. About...

  43. Latin American Network Information Center - LANIC
    What's New December 8, 2000 - LANIC Newsroom Caribbean - Central America - Mexico - South America "You're doing good work. Congratulations!" F. Pinho, Brazil Countries Argentina,

  44. Human Rights Violations Inside Of Cuba
    Keep track of Cuba's human rights practices.

  45. Statement from American Public Health Association
    For Public Health Professionals attending the American Public Health Association's (APHA) 125th Annual Meeting & Exposition Nov 9-13, 1997: Participate in The Session Discussing the Health Impact of the Embargo of Cuba: Session # 3188 : Sanctions

  46. Photo Galleries - Cuban Health Care in Decline
    Home | Register Web Search: News Home Page Photo Galleries 24 Hours in Focus Metro Galleries Nation Galleries Politics Galleries World Galleries Politics Nation World Metro Business/Tech Sports Style Travel Health Opinion Weathe

  47. About - Food/Drink
    You are here: About Food/Drink Food/Drink Search for in this Channel in the About network in the Internet Online Personal Shopper Cooking Sponsored Links Get to the site you want Cooki

  48. Cuba Solidarity: Dr. Kirpatrick on Cuba
    Cuba Solidarity Web Site: Dr. Kirpatrick on Cuba

  49. AEGiS-IPS News: CUBA-HEALTH: Still a Jewel in Castro's Crown
    CUBA-HEALTH: Still a Jewel in Castro's Crown InterPress News Service(IPS); Monday, 7 April 1997. Dalia Acosta. ...

  50. Lancet: Cuban President Fidel Castro's health-care system.(Brief
    A developmental analysis of Cuba's health care system since 1959

  51. Cuba Campaign: Patch Adams "Health and Healing" Tour to Cuba
    Accompany Patch and Susan as they work their special kind of medical magic in Cuba's health care facilities Visit with Cubans in hospitals, family doctor and natural medicine

  52. Poptel Homepage
    Please note that this page uses javascript. If you are having problems viewing this page, please either turn javascript on or download a more recent browser version. New Content

    Welcome to, your passport to some of the greatest cities in the world. The first dynamic globally local news and information site....

  54. Mario's Cyberspace Station: Cuba Online (Cuban Sources)
    CUBA ONLINE(Cuban Sources) - This is the biggest personal web site in Cyberspace with 400+ web pages of just a click away online news worldwide, designed, created and maintained by (C) Mario Profaca, Croatian Journalist

  55. Home Page of Cuba Travel Corporation
    Club membership Pay your annual fee of $49 to receive full color printed material about Cuba and to obtain discounts in all travel services to Cancun and Cuba Win a FREE trip to Cuba Or obtain 50% di

  56. Cuba ORH
    WHO Oral Health Country/Area Profile Programme Department of Noncommunicable Diseases Surveillance/Oral Health WHO Collaborating Centre, Malmö University, Sweden

  57. Cuba Travel Services
    US Cuba Travel with AIDS charity. Medical backdoor to US citizens who wish to travel legally to Cuba.

  58. Alcoholics Anonymous Struggle in CubaWe have a commitment to help struggling AA groups in Cuba. From time to time we will be updating information on the site about the struggle of AA throughout the island. like this: Health/ Substance Abuse/ Alcoholism/ Support Groups like this: Health/ Substance Abuse/ Alcoholism/ Support Groups

  59. buying info: Introducing...Ruben Gonzalez
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    Returns from U.S. Military Posts, 1800-1916, M617, rolls 801-1502 801 Jan. 1896-Dec. 1901 802 Artillery School Apr. 1906-Dec. 1916 803 Montgomery, Ala. July 1865-July 1871 804

  61. Cuba Campaign: The Campaign to Exempt Food and Medicine from the U.S. ...
    The Campaign to Exempt Food and Medicine from the U.S. Blockade of Cuba This Campaign seeks to halt the deterioration in the health of the Cuban people resulting from the inhumane inclusion of f...

  62. Health Sector Reform Initiative (LACHSR) - Country Reports
    CUBA Health Systems and Services Country Profile To read and obtain this document in electronic format, press here: Document in Acrobat.PDF Format In order to view the document, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader (download a free copy here). To read and

  63. American Public Health Association - World Federation of Public Health...
    Health In Cuba and The U.S. The World Federation of Public Health Associations, Noting that for over 30 years the United States has maintained an embargo against Cuba, an embargo further tightene...

  64. Cuba AZUL Tours
    Individual or Guided tours to Cuba.

  65. Cuba Campaign: Cuba Links
    Cuba Links "CIP believes that the 36-year-old embargo against Cuba is a cruel and irrational policy that works against the goals it professes to achieve.

  66. Cuba: Recent Press Release
    The Cuba Solidarity-Related Press Releases

  67. buying info: Money Matters : Consequences of Campaign Finance Refo
    Books. All Products. Explore this book. buying info. table of contents. customer reviews. See more by the authors. all books by Robert K. Goidel all...

    REPORT VIEW Countries: Author: Submitted by <amcgee@NETCOM.COM> Last Updated: From: "Arthur R. McGee" <amcgee@NETCOM.COM> Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1993 01:55:21 -0700 * * * * * PeaceNet * * * * * International Communications for Peace and Human Rights A Service of The Institute for Global Communications A Project of the Tides Foundation 18 De Boom Street San Francisco, CA...

  69. Index to News from Cuba
    News and events from Cuba COMPLETELY scotching rumours of ill-health, Fidel Castro made a more than six hour speech to inaugurate the Fifth Congress of the Cuban Communist Party on October 8th

  70. City Guide - BestTalk
    Index Page Yellow Pages White Pages Personal Public Records Classifieds e-Shopping Health Business City Guide Finance Net Community News Break...

  71. Cuba - daily news and current events

  72. Cuba Investment Consultants
    Programs to educate and advise foreign investors about business opportunities in Cuba. Seminar announcments and contact information.

  73. Information About Cuba and The Embargo on The Web
    A list of resources and web sites with information about the embargo against Cuba.

  74. Travel Health Zone - Travel Health Information
    The travel health website for travellers Welcome to Travel Health - Travel health information BEFORE YOU GO Country ChoiceAfghanistanAlbaniaAlgeriaAM SamoaAndorraAngolaAntigua BarbArgentinaAr

  75. Cuba: Myths and Facts
    Myths and Facts: About the U.S. Embargo on Medicine and Supplies to Cuba October 1997 Prepared by Oxfam America and the Washington Office on Latin America Basic Facts The Cuban health-care system functioned effectively up through the 1980s. Life

  76. Kirkpatrick: The US attack on Cuba's health [CMAJ - December ...
    ... The US attack on Cuba's health. ... Re: "The US attack on Cuba's health" (CMAJ 1997;157[3]:281-4[full text / résumé]), by Dr. Anthony F. Kirkpatrick ...

  77. Savannah Online - Email Search
    Looking for someone's email address? Let us help you with our vast directory of email address and directory listing services. Find what you're...

  78. WEPA! Search Cuba! : Health:Organizations
    [an error occurred while processing this directive],Search Puerto Rico ...

  79. Cuba News - by CubaNet News Inc.
    Cuba news from independent journalist on the Island and other news sources.

  80. Welcome to Pure Cuba®
    Welcome to PURE CUBA® House of Representatives Compromises on Food/Medicine Sales to Cuba!!! CyberCuba® Virtual Store WWW.PURECUBAPLAY.COM Silicon Calle© Silicon Calle© Havana

  81. WWW VL Public Health: America - Cuba
    Links to resources on public health in Cuba

  82. U.S. Interests Section Havana
    Address: Calzada between L & M Streets, Vedado Phone: (53-7) 33-3551 through 33-3559 Fax: 33-3700 General Information Interests Section, Havana (of the Embassy of Switzerland)

  83. Sebastian Arcos Bergnes, 65, fought for democracy in Cuba
    Published Tuesday, December 23, 1997, in the Miami Herald Sebastian Arcos Bergnes, one of the founders of the human rights movement in Cuba, died Monday night of rectal cancer.

  84. WEPA! Search Cuba! : Health
    " scrolling="no" marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 frameborder=0vspace=0 hspace=0>, Search Puerto ...

  85. CUBA - Health Promotion and Care
    ... Information Profile. Latin America and The Caribbean Health Promotion and Care, ... PREV| NEXT No Water Resources Planning and Development Projects in Cuba. ...

    IMPACT OF ECONOMIC CRISISandU.S. EMBARGO ON HEALTH IN CUBA January 1997 American Journal of Public Health Richard Garfield, DrPH, RN and Sarah Santana

  87. Travel Health Zone - CU - Cuba - Health Information
    ... BACK HOME. " />, Check up? COMMERCIAL. " />, Directory. GENERAL. " />, HealthStories. " />, Ask the Doctor. " />, Forum. " />, Newsletter. CUBA, ...

  88. Cuba Libre
    Search Home. Comparison Shop. Channels. Rewards. Email & Tools. 'Snow Excuse, Send Flowers at FTD.COM! Shopping Home. Web-Wide AuctionWatch. -->...

  89. Cuba: Economic Impact
    An examination of the massive damage done to the people of Cuba by the embargo, including detailed charts and examples.

  90. IFCO Background
    This report is posted with the permission of the AAWH staff. DENIAL OF FOOD AND MEDICINE: THE IMPACT OF THE U.S EMBARGO ON HEALTH AND NUTRITION IN CUBA A Report from the American Association for World Health Executive Summary, March 1997 TABLE OF

  91. Add Your Listing - InfoSpace
    Real world information. You'll find yellow pages, white pages, classifieds, shopping sites, finance information, government data, chat rooms, and...

  92. Salud! A ship For Cuba
    The Project Relief Items Fundraising Cuba Links The Project Salud! intends to transport humanitarian relief from British Trade Unions to Cuba's hospitals by ship at the turn of the year. Cuba's health service, built over the last forty years, has

  93. Traveling to Cuba, Health info.
    Before You go to Cuba, Health info. No special vaccinations or immunizations arenecessary for traveling to Cuba. It's a healthy country that extends free ...

  94. FROM CUBA / Health is the right of the people / UPECI - ...
    ... FROM CUBA Health is the right of the people. PINAR DEL RIO, November 21 (VíctorRolando Arroyo, UPECI) At the entrance to the Pedro Borrás polyclinic here ...

  95. International - Champion Directories, Inc.
    Find the international businesses you're looking for quickly and easily. Our listings provide up-to-date and accurate information at your fingertips.

    Founded in 1997 in Havana, Cuba as a non-governmental humanitarian and peaceful organization; sustained upon the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

  97. Reality Tours: Cuba at a Crossroads
    Cuba at a Crossroads Feb. 12-20, 2001 Get an overview of the current situation in Cuba through the various aspects of society: the economy, government, health care, education and more.

  98. SomeNEWS
    FR: EN: New: Search box ! SomeNEWS is a GPL project: More info on sourceforge. Subscribe to the dev ML! Archive is available Any questions ? Contact us ! Get BOX version ! Want a feature ? Code it ! G

  99. Cuba Special Report
    Latest Story Illinois Governor Defends Visit to Castro Illinois Gov. George Ryan (l) met with Cuban President Fidel Castro, but stressed his mission was a humanitarian one. (AP)

  100. Add A Job - advanced
    ADD A JOB. 60 day SINGLE posting to the. network. * designates required fields. General Information: Default e-mail address will be used for...